With estimates pointing out that nearly a third of US’ employees steal from their workplace, then it is apparent that employee theft is a menace equally as big as shoplifting. But that notwithstanding, you can easily protect your company’s bottom line against this menace by setting clear procedures and policies.

Do You Know What Your employees are up to on the internet?

Are you a manager or a business owner, and you are suspecting that your company’s confidential information could be leaking from your company yet you don’t know when and who is behind it? Again, do you know exactly what your employees are up to on the internet? At minimum, it is likely they are watching YouTube videos, chatting, or spending time on Facebook.

At worst, your employees could be steering your firm toward financial ruin. That is why you need to read this quick guide because it will teach you how to monitor virtually everything that your employees do with their computers, and also learn how to keep an eye on your employee internet use.

The Only Monitoring Software You Will Ever Need

mSpy is a comprehensive software that is tailored at ending your anxiety. It is designed for purposes of restricting inappropriate

monitor employee computer

behaviors and detecting potential abuse. With this software, snapshots and recorded logs can also be used as evidence whenever there is any misconduct. Most importantly, the spy software helps increase productivity and prevents data leaks as well.

Here are some of its major computer features:

  • Screenshots
  • User activity
  • Keylogger
  • Web mailer
  • Applications use
  • Installed applications

Why mSpy is the most powerful and comprehensive employee monitoring solution

1. Centralized employee monitoring solution

The software has the ability to monitor several computers and employees from a single computer.

2. Protect valuable corporate data and prevent potential internal threats

With mSpy, you can tell when and who is copying your company’s data to a laptop or USB drive, monitor every single email/webmail and see who is sending emails with attachments. Furthermore, you can track chat details and every print job, prevent data loss and distinguish employee detail.

3. Prevent productivity loss

Employees are used to watching movies, chatting, running other non-related programs, and playing games during working hours. This doesn’t only lead to serious productivity loss, but it also leads to wastage of bandwidth and also slows down other things that use the internet as well. But with mSpy, you can easily add filters for purposes of blocking websites and applications on work computers during working hours.

Features of mSpy


The creed “forewarned is forearmed” doesn’t only apply to your employees, kids, and computer usage, but it also applies to other areas of life as well. If you are wondering exactly why your kids keep minimizing their computer screen each time you enter into their room, or if you have a difficult time managing employees who regularly waste working hours on their computers, then it is the high time you consider mSpy as the ultimate supervision tool for both your business and kids alike.

The comprehensive monitoring software can monitor virtually everything that takes place on your computer while you aren’t around. The computer tracking application is ideal for business owners and parents who are keen on ensuring that there isn’t any sort of mismanagement of computer use.

The software combines essential computer monitoring features, and further supplies you with all the information you need, consequently giving you peace of mind.

Below are some of its features in detail:

best employee tracking software


The software automatically takes the screenshots of a desktop, meaning that you can easily see exactly what a computer user is up to. Moreover, it helps you stay informed on the specific computer applications and programs being used.

How will I find this feature useful? There are a number of reasons as to why you will find this feature quite useful. Key among them is that, by having it take computer screenshots, you can easily eliminate the need to constantly monitor your kids as a parent. Again, you will no longer need to shoulder check whether your kids are visiting inappropriate sites or doing their homework. Secondly, this feature will help you get a clear picture of what every employee is doing during working hours even when you aren’t physically present.


The monitoring software lets you check each keystroke that is being typed by a computer user even when it has been deleted immediately. With this software in place, you can easily tell exactly what is being searched on search engines such as Bing or Google. You can also view all chat messages that are sent by the computer user through any instant messaging application, scrutinize all texts that are typed in word documents and check all sent emails.

Will I find this feature useful? You will definitely find this feature useful due to a number of reasons. Among them is that, it helps you ensure that your kids are safe online whenever they are chatting with strangers and visiting social networks. Secondly, this feature can be quite useful particularly if your main concern is staff monitoring, thanks to the fact that it will help you weed out untrustworthy or dishonest employees and most importantly prevent them from leaking confidential data.

User activity

The employee monitoring software lets you know the duration of time users remain active in a given computer session. It can also help you generate detailed statistical reports on your employees’ or kids’ computer usage.

How will this feature help me? It will help you find out how your employees and kids spend their time on the computer. It will also help you find out how your kids are utilizing their leisure time, or if your employees are slacking off at work.

Applications use

This feature helps you take a closer look at all the applications and programs that are running in a target computer. It also lets you know the internet browser that has been used and further find out the amount of time that has been spent on individual apps. You can also access any data you wish to any time, regardless of the type of internet-enabled device that you are using to access the mSpy control panel.

How is this beneficial to me? This feature will help you monitor your kids and ensure that they aren’t accessing any sites that may contain adult content. If you are an employer, it can help you ensure that no employee is compromising sensitive data or abusing company’s time.

Installed applications

This feature helps you view all installed applications on a target computer. With this feature, you can easily track the name of any installed application, when it was installed as well as its version.

Why will I find this feature useful? There are numerous applications out there these days. For instance, there are some harmless plant-eaters (official entertaining and educational applications that are tailored at simplifying your everyday life). There are also real predators (applications that inflict damage in moral and financial respects).This feature can be beneficial to you because it will help you figure out the applications that simplify your life and those that can easily inflict damage in moral or financial respects.

Web Mailer

This feature helps you gain access to comprehensive information regarding all letters that are opened on all target devices in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safaris browsers. It can also help you monitor the usage of web-based email services such as Oulook.com, Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

How is this feature useful to me? You will find this feature useful because it will help you filter letters by time frames, mail services and types of letters (sent, income, favorite etc). It can also mark separate letters, view detailed information on the letters and further undertake different operations with them. These operations include: save, delete the letters, print and download the attachments among others.

***Please note that there is a temporary shortcoming of this feature, but mSpy team is currently working hard to get rid of any drawbacks revealed. Currently, mSpy can only monitor Gmail app.

See What Employees do on Company Computers

With mSpy software, you can easily see everything that your employees do on their computers. The software can also record each employee’s computer activities including clipboard activities, keystrokes, clipboard, file documents (move, paste, create, rename and delete), print jobs, E-mail, webmail (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail among other popular webmail), FTP file transfer, online storage usage, searches, websites program usage and time, file downloads, Skype, removable storage usage, Google talk chat, System events, application network traffic, and so on.

This powerful report module will help you keep track and analyze computer usage and distinguish unwanted employee computer activities that can hurt your business. It is also crucial to giving you evidence that you need to prove that some of your employees could be abusing their working time. As such, it is the ultimate solution for protecting your business against employee theft.


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