With several million satisfied customers worldwide, mSpy is the most popular application used for monitoring and safety. The software tracks all of the activities on the phone that is monitored by controlling its background which includes GPS location, web history, videos, e-mails, texts, Skype, WhatsApp, images, keystrokes and many others.

MSpy starts working immediately after installation and can even block websites and apps that are not appropriate. It has another amazing option – it can stop unwanted contacts from calling you.

Trying to keep your children safe offers a great opportunity to use mSpy to achieve your goal. The never ending wish to live in a perfect world where everyone could be friends, everyone would be happy and nobody would try to hurt others is still very much alive but the idea is slipping away with every second that passes. In reality, there is no such thing; every stranger represents a potential danger and every turn you make could be potential risk. When tracking the phones and devices of loved ones with mSpy you are getting closer to your goal – keeping them safe.

MSpy mainly tracks mobile phones and tablets but it is possible to use it with Windows and Mac OS devices.


Essentially mSpy makes it is possible to keep an eye on people you love the most and keep them safe from danger. The worries filling your day are simply gone and all the energy that is left can be focused on much more productive things.

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Using mSpy you can be informed about your kid’s safety even in your absence, what is troubling him and with whom is he having contact, where is he going, where he has been and know about the online searches he is making. In the workplace it helps you with the information on how to reduce the risk of stolen identity and to see how much your employees are working. Employers trying to keep integrity intact should be using mSpy but monitoring must be work related only and employees must be notified about monitoring.

When monitoring a device you can easily check on it from any other device with an internet connection. You simply check the control panel. Also, supervising an iOS device gives you two options by either using mSpy for jailbroken or using non-jailbroken devices.


Managing calls – you can monitor all incoming as well as outgoing calls and see right away how long the call lasted, the time it was received, who called and how many calls were made as well as accessing call logs without jailbreaking the iOS device. When trying to avoid people making contact you can block any number or person and prevent them from calling you.

Track text messages – you are able to see the content of each message, who the sender or the receiver was, whether it was a sent or received message, the time and date of message and also all the texts on non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Read email – you are able to see the content of all email, incoming and outgoing, the date and time of every email and the name of the sender together with contact information of the sender/recipient.

Track GPS location – while monitoring the phone you can also check on the owner’s current location and see where they are located on GPS, check the route history of the owner and identify the location when normal GPS is not available. You can access all features from the Control Panel. There is also a possibility to identify forbidden areas without a limit and check how often are these area visited. You will receive email notifications about entrance and exit of each zone. There is also a clear map where you can see previous movements of the device.

Monitoring internet use – You will have control over browsing history because you will be able to see logs of visited websites and also see the date of the action and be able to analyse browsing history directly from the Control Panel. While monitoring internet usage you will also be able to check all bookmarked sites and find favourites.

With online content filtering you can block inappropriate sites and restrict access to certain sites you are monitoring. Another possibility is to track a device by identifying the name of a wifi point and finding its location as well as establishing the type of connection (Public, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, etc.). Monitoring wifi is also possible on iOS devices that are non-jailbroken. In addition you can prevent connections to dangerous Wi-Fi hotspots and find out the time and date of any previously established connection.

Read Instant Messages – You will be able to read and track Skype chats & calls. The same goes for WhatsApp, iMessage and social networks where you can check the chats with other users. When checking Viber from the Control Panel you can access the information of free calls, see all the messages (sent and received) and see logs for group messaging.
The Snapchat app can also be monitored on the rooted device, if the app is installed (when you purchase mSpy you also get a way to track Snapchat). The proper installation of mSpy is easy when following the instructions. When tracking the Line app you can not only see the information of the sender or recipient and see all the messages (incoming and out coming) together with the time of sent/delivered message, you can also track hidden chats in the app.

Controlling Apps and Programs – you can monitor everything from games to social networks and make sure your children and employees are safe from the Control Panel. Protect the kids, information at your office and at home while controlling all the apps and decide to which apps user can access. In addition, you can see every keyboard stroke made on the monitored phone from the Control Panel.

View Multimedia Files – you can browse and see every picture or video downloaded from the monitored device, find out when they were taken and access all of it from your Control Panel.

Remote Control – If your device is stolen, you can wipe data on the device from the control panel but should know the act is irreversible and should only be used in an emergency. Alternatively you can lock your device on command if the device is stolen and lock/unlock from the Control Panel.
In addition, you can see the battery status, the type of internet connection and check the mobile operator of the device. Control Panel provides you with the dashboard view option, the possibility so see individual activities, a comprehensive help option page and search options. You can also track more than one device, restrict and grant the access and export data into several different files as XLS, CSV or PDF.

Analyse it – you will be able to create reports for devices, user or group of users, activities, time and type of file.

Support – comprehensive reports can be created via email, live chat or the toll-free number. Support increases with the number of possible ways to extract information (logs storage data backup, etc.). It is available for any mobile devices running iOS and Android platforms.

The Control Panel is amazingly easy to use and together with 24/7 live customer support and 256 bit encryption mSpy becomes the best possible solution to make sure your youngsters are not in danger.


Software for spying on cell phoneFirst, you choose the device you wish to monitor and from it the app collects data to which you can gain access through the Control Panel. Second, check if the device you want to monitor is compatible to mSpy. You need to know that when you install mSpy you confirm you will use this app legally, which means install mSpy on your own device, use it for monitoring your underage kid or if the owner of the monitored device agrees, he / she to being monitored. After you install the app it starts working immediately in the background of the device.

It is important to know the legal use of mSpy. It can be used as parental control over underage kids, it can be installed on your own phone or used in a company to monitor the devices the employees use – but they have to be informed about it. The responsibility of using the app legally is yours; you need to know what kind of authorisation you need to use mSpy and know if you have it – mSpy or ispyyou.net cannot give you legal advice on how to use it.

After you have installed the mSpy app on the targeted device (either iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS) you can access to the monitoring data in the Control Panel to which you can access using any internet browser. The data updates within 24 hours since the latest backup if you are using mSpy without jailbreak but if you are using mSpy with jailbreak, you can select the update interval and receive updated data within the chosen time. Please note that the updates also depend on the signal strength and the quality of wireless internet connection.

If you need technical support you will not be left waiting on the phone. mSpy offers four level of high quality technical assistance. You will get e-mail support, live chat support and phone support to provide you with personalised service. Having a great support team, mAssistance or VIP assistance gives you all the help you need with the mSpy app.


Using mSpy on iOS is easy – if you are using mSpy with jailbreak, it is compatible with iOS 6 – 9.0 while mSpy without jailbreak is compatible with all of the iOS versions. The device on which you are running mSpy must have be connected to the internet. It is possible to use mSpy on iPhone or iPad as well as on Mac OS, but there are some differences whether you are using mSpy with or without jailbreak. MSpy with a jailbroken device supports more features than not but you need to have physical access to the device in order to install the app. You can install mSpy via iCloud on unbroken devices. Please note that mSpy with jailbreak and mSpy without jailbreak are not the same – you can change the version you are using freely but the data you captured until this point will be lost.

With Android devices gaining popularity it is only logical that mSpy is compatible with phones that run on android operating systems like Nokia X, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Sony Xperia and HTC One. Still, some conditions must apply in order to use mSpy on Android device; the device you target must be using Android 4+.

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