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♦ text messages,
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Software to Protect your Loved Ones

Protect your Loved Ones

This software is extremely popular among concerned parents who believe that their kids are making bad and even potentially dangerous decisions. Get Started Right Away.

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Save Your Marriage with mspy

Save Your Marriage

You have a bad feeling in your stomach that something isn’t right in your marriage but you can’t put your finger on it and you can’t shake the feeling. You have right to know. Find out the truth with monitoring app.

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Protect your Business with mspy

Protect your Business

Do you not trust your Employees? Protect your business with the best spying app. Monitor and Supervise all employee computer activity.

More About mSpy Monitoring Software and How Does It Work


Covering your Assets with mSpy Software


The digital world is strewn with perils to ensnare the unaware – children nowadays are exposed to a level of exterior influence never before seen in history. It is not only parents who must concern themselves with the monitoring of electronic devices and computers.

Businesses today must also keep their surveillance systems in operation and this includes the necessity of protecting company interests by monitoring mobiles and computers as well. If you feel that the security of your company or loved ones could benefit from your personal observations than mSpy could be the solution for you.


mSpy Digital Surveillance Software


mSpy is an App that can be installed onto a computer or a phone and used to monitor the activities such as text messaging, GPS map trackers and calls, etc. It includes a number of other additional features for tracking mobiles. mSpy technology has seen extensive and success in the the following cases:

  • Ensuring the Safety and Protection of Underage Children
  • Keeping Informed of the Whereabouts and Situations of the People Around Us
  • Ascertaining the Productivity of Employees on Cellphones
  • Reducing the Risk of Losing Vital Information on Your Phone


Download mSpy: Your Solution to Mobile Phone Tracing


view phone location instantly


No matter which mobile network you are affiliated with you can take advantage of mSpy technology that works through the device itself. Verizon, AT&T and many other networks are all acceptable and mSpy can work on Smartphones, Android, iPhones, Windows, MAC Devices.

The mobile monitoring software will function if the the internet connection is activated on the device itself. For devices running iOS, some jailbreaking may be required to install the spy software – there are certain features available from mSpy software that can run an installation without any jailbreaking attempts.


mSpy for PC Monitoring


UPDATE: mSpy stoped to support and develop the mSpy Desktop version according to the development strategy of their mobile product.

Although there is a virtual plethora of spyware technology provided by app developers working with phones, laptops, PC, and mobile

devices – none have the caliber of mSpy Technology. mSpy provides users with a completely legal way of monitoring and securing the digital activities of employees and loved ones.

In working with the highly sensitive digital content companies rely on today, mSpy software can prevent any valuable information falling into the wrong hands and costing your company an arm and a leg. By not implementing a formidable digital surveillance you may run the risk of losing important data with no record of what happened to it. With proper implementation you can ensure the productivity of your employees without standing behind them and creating an awkward situation.

But this software is a true hero when alerting cautious parents to the perils young children will face when exploring the world wide web.

Don’t Allow Your Child to Become a Statistic – Protect them With mSpy


mSpy can successfully thwart an attempt on your child’s safety in the place they spend most time – our children have moved from the playground to the world wide web, and the dangers have followed them. By assuming that children are in any less danger exposed to the web you may be doing your child a serious disservice they may not live to regret.


With mSpy you can protect your child


It is the duty of a responsible parents to know what their underage children are thinking, experiencing and facing – and young adolescents are especially secretive and therefore susceptible. Consider spying app to be your trusted chaperone, keeping relations, topics and interactions age appropriate and free of dangerous activities.

With mSpy you can protect your child from the dangers of extortion, drugs, vandalism, cyber bullying, alcohol, premature sexual activity and other mischief awaiting the imprudent youth. These very real dangers can scar them for life and you can prevent them with the mSpy technology.

In a similar way if you have a friend or life partner you suspect may be guilty of grave imprudence, you verify their truthfulness by using a mobile tracking app to review their digital activities such as multi-media sharing, GPS, SMS (spy text), call logs and much much more. This information can lead to you making the best decisions both for yourself and your friend.


Is this form of Digital Spying Legal?


If you intend to use mSpy to keep tabs on the activities of your employees it is necessary to inform them of your intentions to do so. The software itself is well within the legal boundaries and no parent has to inform their child if they are spying on their activities.

mSpy is a highly effective means of keeping track of the activities of the people in your life that you are concerned about. The software can even be installed into their phone without alerting the user to its presence in the memory – this can allow for hidden monitoring through the softwares tracking apps that will keep you informed of the digital activities occurring on the specific mobile device.

mSpy is the solution to having peace of mind that comes from knowing the people around you can be trusted and are keeping themselves out of trouble.

smartphone tracking software for your family

Important Note: mSpy was developed with the exclusive intent of providing parents with a way to keep their children from harm. mSpy forbids the use of this software to spy on any individuals without their consent.

Popular Features

  • SMS Tracking
  • Whatsapp Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Social Network Apps Tracking
  • Photos & Videos Tracking
  • Calls Tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Email Tracking
  • Screenshoots
  • Installed Applications
  • Track Multiple Devices
  • Store your data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mSpy App?


mSpy is a Smartphone and computer software application that is used in monitoring the movement of kids or even employees. Parents who want to know where their kids are at any given time can use mSpy to keep an eye on their movement.

Similarly, employers can use the app to keep their workers productive by monitoring their movement.

mSpy gathers up information from the target device’s – text messages, GPS coordinates and other settings such as incoming and outgoing call information.

Once recorded, the information is then sent to your account’s Control Panel which you can access from any other internet-enabled device.

How does mSpy work?


The app is installed on a target device that is to be monitored. mSpy will then collect data from the device and display it in your Control Panel where you can access the information from any internet-enabled browser.

It is important to point out that mSpy can only monitor a device that is compatible to its use. To use this app, you will need to check the compatibility status, choose the subscription plan you need and then buy the app.

After the purchase, you will receive an email with login information to your Control Panel. Installation instructions for the software program are available on the Control Panel. The target device should then be accessed, whereby you will then need to type in the link for downloading mSpy program in the browser and proceed with installation.

Remember that you are only bound to use the software legally after installing it on the target device.

Does mSpy work worldwide?


The mSpy monitoring software program will only need internet connection to transfer data from the target device to your Control Panel. This app works with any cellular carrier network in spite of any location the target is roaming.

mSpy is also compatible with all service providers. The target device will only need to switch on the device’s browser or Wi-Fi for the app to transmit data to your Control Panel.

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